Thursday, May 21, 2015

NO Soda Fast: Day Four.

9:47 a.m. At this point, soda is nowhere on the scale of my cravings. In fact, not much is. I am, however, concerned about my health...and I don't mean this in the most positive way. I have been advised by many websites to drink at least half my weight, in ounces, of water a day which for me is a little over a half gallon. The problem is I don't stop drinking...until I drink too much. I get light headaches, I had heartburn and salivating last night but I assumed this meant my body was still getting toxins out.

I don't have much health options in this house until grocery day. I'm down to eating just lettuce and water at this point because it, green beans, and parsley, are the only non-processed foods I can find here. I am forgoing meat on this diet (Vitamins, I know, shake me if you must) but I am de-toxifying
as well as losing weight. No bread stuffs, including pasta which was a staple of my diet before. I will allow corn or flour tortilla. No refined sugars, fats, or grease. Absolutely cut the processed foods, including my beloved white cheddar popcorn. ALL chips. NO soda obviously. I'm even considering that sparkling water should be a treat only, since it can cause gas to build up inside. I know what you must be thinking...a diet like this is good for the temporary, but I think it'll just make you go back to the old ways, binge eat etc.

You would be right.

EXCEPT this is the stepping stone to a lifestyle change. I will, after more detoxing, like to gradually introduce more nutrients such as meats, beans, whole grains, brown
rice, fruits, vegetables, PURE ingredients with no more processed stuff etc. And I WANT to stick to water or down the road, very VERY natural fruit juices. Less deprivation will come later and when it does, I want to eat healthy.

Now, coming back to the beginning. I got my morning start with a lettuce salad and water before getting out to exercise. I now notice my little water bottle, which was fine before, is 'too' little for me and I need to upgrade to a bigger one for longer walks and more fitness. I experienced a bit of tiredness, nausea, my muscles were definitely working. (One thing about water is it takes away the usual muscle aching that can come after working out so much) BUT I am toning up in my lower half, just as my goal stated. :D

On top of walking, which today was about 20 minutes, I do about 10 minutes or so of aerobics and whatnot, then take an ice cold shower which feels great and is great for the muscles. I'm still going to take a rest, I like Sabbath at home, so no exercise on Saturday (today is Thursday.) It's my own chosen day out of the week. I think the Bible lets you pick a day out of one week since I didn't see it list a specific one, lol.

For the short term, my goal is to detox and get back down to 160-170 pounds. For the long term, I seek to be a healthy 120-130s pounds which, God Willing, should be the result of a lifestyle change and not a temporary diet.

10:08 a.m. I just had a bathroom break, then splayed a whole bunch of images of my nieces all over this lovely entry. :D Also, I've been taking progress photos day by day (except for on day one, lol) and I'm not ready to publish them yet but this is just a heads up.

4:18 p.m. Had a LONG nap. In one dream I kept trying to screenshot a concert between Britney Spears and Jonathan Rhys Meyers singing  'I Love Rock and Roll.' Lol Crossroads. Wouldn't that be something.

April has been worrying about me and this diet. I can't reassure her about my cleansing and what needs to be done, and we highly differ on the science of what is in food and what it does to the body, which means we could not come to an
agreement. I may be stubborn, but I'm still going through with this. she supports my diet, but not the way I'm doing it, oddly enough...which is just a fruits, veggie, and water diet, which SHOULDN'T be so bad!

Her concern, founded, is I'm not eating enough which is a true statement. I've state time and time again, we have VERY VERY limited healthy natural foods to eat here and I'm eating what I have and only when I'm hungry, until I'm full (which is on a half cup of food, can't help it, my body does it, and if greens, a couple cups.) I do need more food, I get that. That part is what she takes and uses for her outlook on the future, however, which is NOT accurate.

I will be eating more, certainly, once we have fruits and vegetables (we also disagree where she wants frozen/canned and I want fresh on top of all these other disagreements.) I also plan to incorporate more TYPES of food into my diet later on, God Willing, when I feel the body is done cleansing. Beans, brown rice, tortilla, whole grains, fruits, veggies, and so on.

Yes, it looks abnormal when I'm not touching the processed foods (and we also disagree on what processed foods are because to her every food.) She says even washing fruits and vegetables make them processed whereas my definition is 'a food stripped of it's nutrients and replaced with foreign chemicals made in a lab.'

ANYWAY, we are having chicken tonight and I agreed to it, but not without a few caveats. I don't want any salt on it, unless I add it myself, and I don't want it cooked in oil. She was willing to agree to it but I think it made her only more worried about me. I don't know. I cannot please the woman and even she is not asking that I change myself to please her. I'm doing this for me. Water and vegetables in no place and time or setting are dangerous to your health and any science that says otherwise is probably a liar.

4:37 p.m. I'll tell you one thing, I need more salt...possibly more research on it but salt and water is good for me and the body so there is a change I'd like to make. :) Just not overdo it, okay? SO! Less than 1500 mg of sodium but not more than 2300, around a tablespoon.

6:29 p.m. I came back from a walk and sat on the steps a while, thinking, and then headed inside when the storm started. I sat out there for what felt like about ten minutes before April came out and we had one of our discussions, and this time it went productively. :D

I get 40something for my weekly nutrition budget and I got educated on what is okay or not okay to eat. They want to keep me in check and not going to the extreme, good friends. ^^ I know I complain a lot about April but I love her to death and don't know what I would do without her in my life. Amen, in Jesus name, God is able!

8:44 p.m. I had a cup of the white cheddar popcorn, after learning of its nutrients, and watched Modern Family...then I got into a foodie site where it tells the nutrient value of foods I love which
will be VERY useful in the future. I am making a full meal tonight, so I am eating. Baked chicken with lemon juice, herbs, and garlic. :D Green beans and herbs and mashed potatoes from scratch. The chicken each has more or less of a tablespoon of vegetable oil since there is no healthy alternative in the house yet and the mashed potatoes have some but I'm only eating a small portion ANYWAY.

This should make my body happier, especially with more sodium since I've really lacked it the past couple days and it was dangerously low. God willing, this will all be done the right way, in Jesus name, amen! Woot!

9:34 p.m. Finished a full healthy meal and feeling...interesting. P.S. Watched Modern Family.

9:37 a.m. I admit I got a little crazy before, so here's the deal. I'm fine only cutting the following:

  • Processed food.
  • 'Bad' sugar.
  • High sodium (over 200 mg) high calorie, high sugar, high fat and saturated fats.
  • Sodas, except sparkling water now and then.
  • Chips, except for white cheddar popcorn ONCE in a while, small portions.
  • Greasy foods (I prefer foods cooked in olive oil)
  • Hamburger.
  • Fast food, obviously.
BUT everything else is fine. Once June 18th hits, I can start drinking ALL natural fruit juices and whatnot but I'm waiting until then..for now sticking to water. 

Tonight's dinner will make a good meal the next few days.

1:08 a.m. After April didn't return a couple hours after leaving, I got on the computer and FINALLY, though it took hours, got a month's worth of entries added to Seize. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! Bye!

Things I didn't mention: Having a dream of finding some diary in Joan Crawford's house in a time past the Mommie Dearest days, drama ensues. I also joined some dragon game I cannot recall a couple nights ago.

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