Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mema's: Day Five And Six

The 5th:
TOMS pic of feet for a good cause.

I went fishing on SecondLife, later partying at a 'club' on there...a lot. I also made a trip to Wal-Mart, picking up a mini sketchbook and a watercolor sketchbook. Mema also took us to Taco Bell as a nice treat and I got a Grilled Stuft was almost a picnic but they changed their mind. On top, Dad visited briefly. I'm staying there Saturday and then going to Mom's, then home, God Willing. P.S. I WATCHED JURASSIC PARK AND LOVED IT! I want to see the Odd Couple II since I saw the 1968 one on Netflix. I always loved Jack Lemmon and  Walter Mattheu.

The 6th:

I went fishing on SecondLife, and also took some time to sketch in my new mini sketchbook. Mema gave me 20 bucks and I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a mini art kit and colored extensions for April. I was very indecisive about my purchase because I had the choice to maybe get baking clay and acrylics, but I wondered if I made a craft from them, what would I actually do with it. So I put it off. P.S. Saw a Walking Dead parody for sale. Dude in the front looks like a video game character, way too photoshopped.

I reached my SecondLife fishing goal, thanks to God, which lets me cash in my Lindens (currency) for cash.

I also found this Monster High watercolor book I liked but I figured I could make my own version rather than spend the 10 I skipped it. I have this thing about coloring over someone else's artwork...I'm just not fond of the idea. I got pictures for inspiration. I don't mean to violate copyright, if anything, I mean to promote this. I'm not putting pictures of this book in my journal however, in respect of that. No reprinting. :) Anyway,  I felt it in my hands, it's quality stuff!! Click to view larger, please.

I've gotten to 190 pounds but April said that to remember I AM NOT my weight. I just have to be happy with myself and if I want to lose the weight, to do it for me.

Selena was on tv tonight :) It was funny because I was thinking about that today.

I'm taking home so much stuff, no joke. She's given me a few things including a ceramic woman and jewelry. Praise the Lord. I've spent about thirty bucks on various things, not just for me, but still. I owe Rob about three bucks for letting em use his billing information on SecondLife to set up a shop, which is doing well by the way.

Oh! And Mema had to get on to me today. It frustrated her that she was signed out of Google and Facebook and that my stuff was there..and that she
would have to select her name when she didn't have to do it before. I fixed that before but I hope it'll be okay now.

For the first time in ages, I'm on my netbook, which was dead. I can log on all my stuff here, and portably, as it's charging. I'm out of clean clothes, on another note. It is technically Day Seven, 1:42 a.m. but I will cover it in another post. I wish I could run Second Life on here but it's not even in the minimum requirements.

Mema's computer runs well and fast, however, even with the SecondLife on it, which I intend on uninstalling before I's on the 'to do' checklist, seeing how long it usually is before I see her again.

I got rebuked online for spreading the gospel but not bothered by it. People don't get why I say that stuff. It's a voice in my head that says it should be done, all excited, and I act on my impulse. I'm doing a human thing. Nobody can name one thing Jesus did to hurt anyone. Seriously. So yeah, I don't get how something so non-violent, even when mentioning love, is labelled offensive. Except to say it's a warped world. He died for me, Rose from the dead, for everyone, and that's the way it is.

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