Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mema's, Dad's, and Mom's.

11:13 a.m. The time away is almost over. Yesterday at Memas was just waiting on Dad and I watched a little of Prince of Persia. He and Anna stayed and chatted a bit before we left to visit my great-grandma..only to find she had just laid down for a nap. They dropped off mini roses at her doorstep, the same ones given to Mema at the last minute. :D We might be going to try again today to see her.

Anyway, I was dropped off at a convenience store for snacks I requested, then I spent a few minutes at the library. I bought a book of Civil War stories and the childhood classic "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark." They had gone to the dollar store by the time I walked in from the library. The dogs had to get used to me, though the chihuaha barely does.

After trying to pick a movie we could agree on,  I fell asleep on one I had little interest in and then was
woken up for a homemade nacho dinner with sour cream and lettuce. At the end of the night, We watched The Core. They went to bed and I watched some Modern Family and chatted on OkCupid. Then I turned on beach sounds and tried to sleep sometime in the early morning hours, I also had a shower.

I had some dreams of Dad and whatnot but don't remember, one about trying to get him to take a cat to a shelter and about how they will treat it if he can be rehabilited, meanwhile, he was watering some trees. Odd.

Then I got woken up to brush my hair (which is always a mess due to lacking conditioner this past week) and had bacon, eggs, and biscuits and gravy with water and orange juice. After that, we wound down and I decided to write this. ^___^

We are supposed to be leaving around 1-2 p.m. give or take, so I had time. Also, the other night I dreamed the blonde woman from Modern Family was examining some gems and stones I found and for a full scientific evaluation, she wanted 10K. That was when I tried to call it off.

On a random note, I've had a nice break for the past few days from fishing on SecondLife. My Lindens are coming in, little by little, by fast selling cheap products on their marketplace daily so I'm happy. ^^ Woot!

Still excited about my date, which we haven't set a day for yet. It has to be a weekend though. I'm just excited to be going home and to be going home with SO MUCH goodies!! :D I miss my cats. It's back to
the routine. But before that, I will be stopping at Mom's in the afternoon, until evening, after spending more
time with the family.

I'm looking forward to giving Mom her gift today, which is Mother's Day, and watching My Little Pony Stuff with Aaliyah, just to hear her laugh.

I need to sign out of Rob's Hulu before I leave, lol. Oh, Remember! I will be including leftover pictures from Mema's even while I'm gone since I took so many. Doesn't hurt to look at them. P.S. Watching some old comedy with Shelley Long and Bette Midler, no idea what the name of it is. I'm close to turning on Modern Family, speaking of Hulu. XD

God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus Name, Amen! God is able!

11:35 a.m. In case you weren't keeping track, I've been gone for ten days, though it always feels like longer.

9:36 p.m. We left at 1, got to Mom's at 2. I went through which fabrics I wanted and put my stuff away in the car for later tonight. Today, in short, has been about spending time with Mom and the kids...which I did. In fact, I've been playing with the kids for hours and it's their bedtime now. Mom went into Tampa several hours ago to see Joe's Mom. She loved her gift by the way, especially the chocolate candle.

Aaliyah and I watched a lot of Youtube. I played outside with the kids today and watched them bathe. We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and had Cookie Crisp and corn dogs. the update. I'm praying I go home to my bed tonight..I miss my bed.

Right now, I'm informing April about the giant painting thing DJ got me and the cat-themed plates. We need decoration places.

1:29 a.m. Unpacking was easy. I watched a little of The Odd Couple II and learned before bed that I'm getting no tax refund. Instead of cursing and anger, I'm gonna turn around and face God. Calm down, breathe, forgive, and trust Him. He's got a plan. I feel better if I just keep saying that.

Your refund has been applied to a past due obligation such as child support, another federal agency debt, or state income tax. The Financial Management Service, who issues IRS refunds, will send you a notice informing you of the reduction.
If you do not receive the notice within two weeks:
contact the Financial Management Service at 800-304-3107.

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