Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lifestyle Change: Day Fourteen.

1:15 a.m. Ah, week two. At this point,  I have hit my plateau but however long it takes, I'm not giving up. My legs are in a better shape than I ever saw them in my entire adulthood AND I have two days to share.

Early Morning drawing. May 30.
My message to Rob.
Yesterday, I had a meltdown because I was told I would have to help my Papa urinate and I couldn't handle it. I started realizing I couldn't handle them both when they were going to be here either. Mema was getting worse and not sleeping. I was told I could head home that night but then someone needed to be here with Grandpa as Dustin had to work, so we did.

There was a harry potter marathon as well as a Marilyn documentary at the end of the night. :) on tv.

The next day, today, Grandpa reassured me on some things, saying I don't have to do the 'bathroom' thing. They've got it just help with chores and whatever else they need, which I'm willing to do. I still wanted to go home, and we worked it out to where I would come back every few days, stay a couple days, come back every few days etc. and see how that works out.

So throughout the day, I worked a little chores but Dustin and Grandpa mostly handled it all and then this afternoon, we found the kitten who had been mewing under the porch for days. Mucus had glued it's eyes shut, it was about 3 weeks old, and I
cleaned her up..let her walk around. I didn't want to leave her and April wouldn't let me take her so we had to put her back in the end.

Dad showed up when it came time to leave, just as we pulled out of the driveway, so we stayed like 15 extra minutes and I chatted health and fitness with Anna. Dad and Grandpa talked about a lawnmower. Good times. lol.

Milkshake from yesterday, lol.
Then Grandpa took me home sweet home. I didn't even unpack for once, just said hi to April and Rob a moment and slept the rest of the afternoon to now, midnight. I deeply enjoyed that sleep. No worries, side from nightmares, at all.  I missed the sweet comfort of my bed and the freedom of hours in it. Take none of this as a regret to have given up these privileges to help Papa but it is a pleasure. Oh! And there was a Jurassic Park marathon on today so that was fun.

I had a few dreams, one nightmare about being tracked by a murderous gang, in the end
I moved to an invisible mansion where I and everyone in it was invisible and they could never find me again. There was one scene where I was floating above the street and saw a trail of butterflies in the sunlight so you can imagine the peace after such a horrible nightmare.

Anyway, that is all. I can't wait for more fitness, food, and exercise for the next few days. REALLY want to absorb those walks that are like my favorite part of life right now. God bless, Jesus loves, died, rose by God the father, saved. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen! God is able! P.S. Happy.

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