Monday, May 25, 2015

Lifestyle Change: Day Eight.

4:10 p.m. I got plenty of sleep, but I woke up at around 3 a.m. and played on Instagram. It was still dark out so I couldn't go out and exercise...right away. So I did some light exercising inside, ate a banana. I couldn't wait much longer and left at 5:27 a.m.

I brought the flashlight on April's smartphone so cars could see me, as it was still very dark. I walked all the way to the nature park, taking moments to rest in between.

By the time I got there, the sun was just coming up. I exercised there and left, and it took another hour to walk home. By then, I had consumed a liter and a half of water, too. I came in and showered, dressed, and attempted to use the blender (after filling it with fruits and veggies) but it wasn't budging much and sounded like I let off a leaf blower in the sleeping house. I eventually got it.

I had my smoothie and went to bed. I didn't sleep too easily though. When I did dream, it barely felt like I had fallen asleep so it took some time. I woke up around 3 p.m. ish in the afternoon. My legs were still sore.

I got up, had some leftover shake, and tried to make a salad with lettuce, kale, spinach, and cucumber. However, the lettuce didn't sit too well as far as taste went. Then, I vomited. I browsed social media before coming to write this. I still need to do laundry today, lol.

This has been tough, dealing with my health like this but I mean it when I say I'm not giving up. I've come SO far and wouldn't undo the benefits of this for the world. I'm just weaving my way through this journey, trying to find what works for me and what doesn't, so I can make plans for what I want for the future. I see this for the long run, the VERY long run. For life. If God wants me better, and He does, I will be, right? I think I'm just detoxing.

I'm undoing YEARS, if not a lifetime of unhealthy eating. I've been overweight all my life. All that cannot be undone, after 26 years, in a week. I will get better. I have hope. In Jesus name, Amen! One day I can inspire people, God willing. Today, I am, and always will be my own success story. :D P.S. Here is a picture from this morning...more progress, lol.

8:58 p.m. I took on water weight for sure. No biggie. I have played on Instagram, finished my laundry and folded it, fished on SecondLife and working on a chicken dinner tonight (with brown rice added to mine, lol) I'm looking forward to it. Praying to God that over time, this diet gets better. My rest day is tomorrow for healing time. I could stretch and whatnot but nothing hardcore. MUST heal lol. Self control.

EDIT: Played SecondLife last night and don't recall much else.

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