A Daily Diary: Going Over The Past Few Days


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Going Over The Past Few Days

12:22 a.m. For two days I have been seriously involved in painstakingly developing a new dress for SecondLife, which is not finished. Before this I tried to make a renaissance gown but it went so bad that I was in a  horrible mood.

Then today, I took a day off. I was woken up to go grocery shopping..which we did and it went well. I came home and relaxed, painted a couple pictures, plaid with cats and made dinner: Steak, pull apart bread with garlic, parsley, and cheese AND bacon. I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Pooped. After that, I hung out with Rob. Over the past few days, I've been watching Modern Family and Supernatural....and April play Minecraft.

My date got cancelled because he had a family emergency. Not a problem. ^__^ Just hope his family is well. There have been a  lot of hoops. April insists Rick be the only way to and from the date and to be sent address and time information...she's extremely protective of me, of course.

I finally got a la
ser pointer and with April's help, took it apart for the lens and added it to a bobby pin and a smartphone to make a macro camera which KINDA worked. It zoomed in alright but everything was SUPER blurry.

I haven't updated Seize in quite a few weeks and still don't know when the next opportunity will come, HOWEVER, I have a lot to add to it as well.

12:34 a.m. It technically May 17, 2014 so this day has just begun...it's the midnight hours. God bless, Jesus died, rose, loves, lives, saved! Hallelujah bye bye!

2:20 a.m. I've been on Rob's computer the whole time and I'm gonna go to Netflix and fish...everyone else is asleep, yo.

5:17 a.m. I did the thing, then continued a third day of hard work on my SecondLife dress to the point where I really just need to go to bed. God bless, Jesus love, live, saves! NIGHT! Phew!

3:14 p.m. I'm UP!! Had a few nightmares, lot of dreams, and a couple about Jonathan Rhys Meyers, one about traveling alone at night through a mall-like town. My nose was stuffed at one point but anyway, I AM UP! AND hoping to continue work on this dress, while praising the Lord.

4:32 p.m. Time flew by! I made ample additions to the dress and now need to take a break. I've worked on this thing for over an hour! lol. BUT once you see the dress, you'll see why it took days to complete. -falls over-

EDIT: I wound up finishing the dress, Praise Jesus, and watching episodes of iZombie with April and Rob. End of updates.

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