Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mema's: Day Three. Family Time.

6:14 p.m. I got a full refund on both of my 'This Fabulous Century' books, just in time for the payment to Helen's charity campaign to go though, Los Angeles Mission on Go Fund Me. (wish I had a link but I don't at this time.)

I dreamt about JRM, speaking of which, nothing much to tell, we just sat listening to this bald musician, someone remniscent of a luther vandross persona, play music. I wore a black vest and white button up shirt. There was more of him in the dream but nothing I'd prefer to say or remember.

I stayed up until sunrise watching tv before finally falling asleep and woke at Noon. Dad arrived after and I spent time with the well as read more of my new book. Unfortunately, Jen could not make it because of gas issues. Dad was not surprised, nor Mema I think.

There was an arrangement made for me to go to Mom's on Mother's day, next week, but I changed it. This was AFTER notifying Rob I would only be gone until the 10th, which I will have to correct. I had to charge my old phone a bit before I could re-grab his number. Looks like I will be away from home longer than expected.

The plan is to stay until Mother's Day on the 10th, then I go stay with Dad for a few days ^^ which means another fun childhood library trip but also a yappy chiuahua. Anyway, from there, I go to Mom's and give her mother's day gift (and Jen hers as well) and the early b-day gift for Harmony.

After he left, I took a long walk to Wal-Mart and got Mod Podge spray, excitedly, which pairs perfectly now with the sealer I bought weeks earlier. Then I came back and caught a Marilyn Monroe film and had popcorn. Mema also made a boxed chicken pot pie casserole.

Afterwards, I had that moment where I was wondering about the times I was wishing a favorite movie was on tv, and then incidently it was...then it happened. The Mummy...not the first one I was thinking of, but the Scorpion King. Awesome nonetheless. Still, I only watched briefly in favor of another favorite I wish I owned (or was on Netflix) 1408 with John Cusack...which is what's on now.

I was contemplating if I should write today or not and I gave in. Now I'm fishing on SL (which I also took a break from), writing, and got tv playing in the background. April will probably worry and think they did something to make me stay away so long, she usually thinks that, but the reason is I've spent a month away from Mom's longer from Dad, and longer still from Mema, so I need to make my rounds and visit them. Family is precious to me. :D P.S. I got a couple dishes to do. God bless, Jesus died, rose, saved. He loves us!

6:46 p.m. I made April aware that I wanted to stay longer. I almost re-bought the books but thought better of it and decided to wait for another opportunity. It doesn't have to happen right now, of course. God be praised in Jesus name, amen! ^__^ P.S. Having the urge to watch Valley of the Dolls.

7:40 p.m. I am ready for a nap .What a day...

12:00 a.m. Well, I'm awake now, awoken by Silent Film Sunday which I haven't watched in forever. Grabbing the popcorn and ending the updates...

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