Thursday, April 9, 2015

This Fabulous Century: Blank Space Style

11:07 a.m. I'm waiting for the weekend, or whenever April is off at her parent's house, to buy two songs from Taylor Swift: "Blank Space' and 'Style.' I use the Amazon Music player and want to download it there. I've decided not to steal from her. The statement 'She's already rich enough. Losing a couple dollars on a song won't hurt her' does not justify stealing, whether it comes to music or anyone else. If everyone followed such a philosophy, she wouldn't be making any money for her career, so there. I really bothered myself over this, wondering if I should cave in and join the ways of the world around me, or do what I knew was right all along.

I'm still over the moon about the two books I ordered last night: This Fabulous Century: 1900-1910 and This Fabulous Century: 1910-1920. Thinking about the full illustrations, photos, newspaper clippings, and of course the text explaining them, giving me a detailed and vivid insight to the history of these periods make me undeniably giddy in my heart. These will be a definite favorite addition to the bookshelf. I'm still tempted to read This Fabulous Century: 1920-1930 over again for the umpteenth time. I'm STILL considering getting the '1870-1900' version but I'm waiting for the price to go down. It's around eight dollars (including shipping.) The two books I just bought, together, were a little over a dollar, but shipping was seven or eight dollars alone. P.S. I love photos from the past like this. My mind just goes to wondering what their moment was like, what was said, in a world of living color.

I'm thinking of one I saw in 'Barcelona: Then and Now" which really gives an example of this and I HOPE copyrights permit I can post it here. Wikipedia says photos prior to 1957 have copyrights expiring 50 years after the image creation. I'm certain it's old enough. '-Gets off computer to seek out said image-'


About this morning, or like 15 minutes before I wrote this, April and I ate our morning meal and went to go see the neighbor but she wasn't there. We left a message to someone she knows. We just need to know she's doing alright.

11:27 a.m. Found it. Nailed it. Praise Jesus! This photo, showing a Barcelona Boqueria Market, circa 1910, displays exactly why I love old photos! Again, look at the two forefront woman. See how she's clutching her collar as she's speaking, with her mouth pursed as she talks? What were they discussing? What language were they using? How did they spend the rest of their afternoon? What were the final years like, knowing by now these anonymous, nameless, people are gone at rest? It's not like I can look them up on Very few people, if any, in this picture are still living today. God only knows, when I take into account the possibility of centenarians (people aged 100+) or supercentenarians (people aged 110+). What about the other passerbys in the background? What were they planning that day? All these curiosities and mysteries make the photo a thousand times more interesting.

1:55 p.m. I played on SecondLife, held a kitten, and went to visit the elderly woman again. She had her dog inside and may have rebuked him, but didn't answer the door. April gave me a note to bring back. I made a visit to my other elderly neighbor, now living in Barb's former house, and she was ill today. Then I played with the cats and gave them a few treats. This has been my life so far.

2:09 p.m. Researched the above photo a little. Learned the market was founded in 1870. I'm feeling tempted to color this image and bring it to life...I've got the time. I'm just wondering if I've got the patience. How exciting! I'm genuinely excited right now at the thought of it. I needed to lighten up after how I've been lately.

3:30 p.m. I have been in the midst of coloring this beauty for an hour and a half and so far have the foreground colored. Taking a food break before continuing.

5:19 p.m. I watched a Modern Family Marathon, starting from episode one to three and told Dad I loved him. Also browsed Amazon again but no worries, I didn't purchase anything. I kinda wish I could find all my favorite books, used, for up to fifty cents a piece at some nearby store. That'd be fabulous. The project can continue later...I'm almost on my reading time. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. God bless us all in Jesus Name, Amen! God is able!

6:35 p.m. Another hour in and the photo is about halfway colored, already coming to life. :D This ia amazing. In color, it seems like it tells even more of a story.

6:58 p.m. I colored some more and have decided to take a break for now. :D Still happy, hoping I can present the finished result in the same post as the original image. I did not, however, get around to reading my book but there should be time for that later.

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