Saturday, April 4, 2015

Miss Smith, It's Been Two Days.

3:02 p.m. Okay! Long story short.

  • I lightened my hair to a more preferable blonde yesterday. 
  • Baked chocolate chip cookies with a recipe from the Food Network site which was DELICIOUS!
  • Read my book, The Divine Secrets of the Yay-Yay Sisterhood, and walked a bit, enjoying the sunlight.
  • The new kittens have finally opened their EYES!
 Tanya, our neighbor, dumped mattresses in our fire pit and Donny set one on fire last night, then two more and raised a huge bonfire. Then a neighbor from across the street called the fire department, and the fire marshall also came out, and we had to put out said giant bonfire.

The night ended with a Youtube marathon.

I had a lot of dreams but I don't feel like writing them down just yet. A lot of them really didn't make sense. This morning was involving Modern Family and SecondLife and Rob just sent us 500 Lindens. I've been meaning to write.

April is not going to her parents so I have to wait another time to update Seize, a long while in my terms but still worth it, no?

3:15 p.m. Still editing this post. I got some dating advice from April and Rob who suggest only going on a date from OkCupid after you have waited a month, seen each other on cam, talked via phone and Skype, for at least five hours. All these steps seems a bit much but I have no reason to think they aren't necessary.

NOW! The other day, Jackie, when she was like fourteen, pulled up on my driveway beaming on her girly bicycle and I just kinda moaned because I really wasn't ready for her to be coming in my
dreams now that she had passed.

She still talked to me. In the dream, I was supposed to be re-doing my high school senior year and I was expressing regret about my real life choice to only stay in high school for three years, then graduate.

Then she said that when I'm like 77 years old, I will be thankful that I had and not to be so regretful. It was nice seeing her in a happy state, though.

I'm still not ready to write last night's dreams down.

7:32 p.m. I just got back from using up my food stamps and going grocery shopping with Rob. I ALSO got some Easter candy so I'm happy. About to have chicken patties and mozzarella sticks soon. God bless, thanks, Jesus loves, lives, saves. Bye~! Off to watch Modern Family. P.S. Got an 'FBI Conspiracy' Star magazine issue of Marilyn Monroe. Just have to tell my family not to buy it for me.

9:33 p.m. Feeling pretty tired and ready to go to bed soon. April said she wants to spend a few hours at her parent's house tomorrow which also means I may get just a little ample time to update Seize. End of updates. God bless. Read the sidebar. Good night!

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