Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dreams, Podge, and Art.

3:16 p.m. I've been up for over an hour and had some crazy dreams. One involved Mara and JRM. A woman was stroking her head in her lap while showing her artwork depicting, with her as the subject, in the came pose. Then, Jonny was building some kind of a tower and with a flick, I made it disappear beneath him, then immediately brought it back.

In another dream, there was this bald tattooed bartender and he was proving his toughness to a weaker male customer, by smashing tortilla chips on his head and then aggressively eating them. The customer responded by ducking behind the bar and making finger puppet shows, again a bit aggressively. The dude didn't seem to be in his right mind because earlier in the dream, he was a relieved and successful man finally going home to see his wife, and this is wear he wound up.

In another dream, I took a trip with family but then broke away on my own to go to this steep ditch with a tarp in it and I climbed under to explore. I think it was already partially on fire at the time but then it started to grow. I was nearly trapped when the family arrived to pull me out.

The rest are horrible dreams which I have no intention of recalling in the future. I want to do my best to forget them.

I am resting today but I have the STRONG urge to draw yet another self portrait, not sure of what medium I would use this time however. My sketchbook has been sitting on the coffee table going unused for some time now. Also, I finished the coaster.

3:59 p.m. Did a little research on sleep paralysis, which I suffer and have suffered frequently from the age of thirteen, and some normal web surfing...including Facebook stuff. I will say this, nothing keeps those demons from touching you better than invoking the name of Jesus Christ, I say this because it's been done by myself and others and has legitimately worked. Realistically, it doesn't stop them from screaming in your ear at the highest pitch possible, for me, but best case scenario I'm woken up and snapped out of it.

4:57 p.m. Taking a break from drawing, which is of my 'happy' place. It was so tough at first, I tore the page out of my sketchbook, then started drawing on the back which went like 200% better for some reason. I now get a pizza break as April made some. Grass is very repetitive and tedious to draw and I was very particular about the shape of the hill I'm drawing should be...because it is a particular shape. Drawing yourself with only your daydream as a reference is also difficult but I hopt that improves to something more realistic. The drawing, mostly landscape, is not in the point of view I wanted, as opposed to what I see in my head, but it was near impossible for some reason to get that on paper. Still, the scene should be the same.

5:46 p.m. I put on Modern Family and continued some of the drawing, which I will call a day on for now.

EDIT: After that, I got caught up in a talk with April and Rob and following that, April went to bed and I hung out with Rob until late night.

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