Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yesterday's Museum Trip and More.

1:43 a.m. It is March 18, 2015. I just slept for about 10-11 hours so I'm gonna be up for a while. I still have a chance to catch up on my to-do list before covering yesterday's antics.

1. Write this post. 
2. Empty my backpack.
3. Go through magazines for inspiration/collage stuff.
4. Read a book.
5. Possibly draw something.
6. Go for a walk.
7. Continue the Preacher's Daughter series.

And I will add more later....

For starters, after April came home, I stayed up until morning hanging out with her. The highlight being a whopping plate of cheesesticks and minecraft. I thought I was going to bed soon but I was distracted by the bonfire someone started in the backyard (not uncommon) and I spent some time heaping junk mail on it. A LOT.

It was still early, around 9 a.m. and I thought since it was a Tuesday and the museum was only open Tues-Thurs. and on Saturday...only between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. I would finally try to go. I've been wanting to go for weeks but I've been out of it. So I made the long early morning walk...something I hadn't been trained up for since about a month ago.

When I finally got there, it was empty looking until an older man greeted me. He said if I needed anything, to just ask. Well, I asked first of all if pictures were allowed and he enthusiastically said yes. He loves when people take photos. I made awkward small talk and meandered around the place before two elderly women came in the door behind me. I also asked if I could go upstairs and he gave me permission to do that as well.

The staircase greeting the entryway
First I wandered around the first floor, soon followed by one of the elderly ladies who also made awkward small talk with me. The whole trip I was hardly ever alone, as she was eager to join me as I looked around and offered interesting backstories behind most of the old photos and artifacts. Below are some interesting items I found in a glass case.

As I went upstairs, the woman asked if she could join me, seeing as how she hasn't been up there in quite a long while. I enthusiastically told her "of course!" I was polite as possible. I was amazed from the first room I saw...seeing what I hoped to find before arriving..PERIOD CLOTHES!

This dress, probably from the 20's, was my absolute favorite. 
I read the top one. ;)

It was a shame of the condition of some of them but I was told most of this stuff was almost destroyed in a terrible rainstorm. I was thankful to God it survived.

After leaving the clothing room, we wandered into the area with the kitchen items. There was a shelf of rusted irons. Teapots, old kitchen things. She was telling me that she still recalled back in the day when most of these things were still being used.

I believe she said this was an old furnace. It's so pretty though.

Another room we saw, well, two more rooms, was dedicated for Army and camera stuff and one staged like a nursery with child's playthings. There's also randomly a cheerleader uniform in there.

In the war room, pointed at some photos and told me about the people she knew. She also informed me that she was 80something but she looked about 20 years younger to be honest.

Above, is where she told me about her father who worked at the coke bottling plant. This dress, in another room, from the 1920's immediately caught my eye when I entered.

Both of the above wedding dresses are the same. :D She knew the woman and told me a little about her, a photo of her parents was nearby, but I don't recall much. After all this excitement, we headed back downstairs where I took more photos.

This was the museum back when it was an old schoolhouse.
And here it is today.
After enough wandering, I decided when I was alone to go back up the stairs again in a chance to roam the second floor myself. :D It made me nervous because when I got to the top of the stairs she called after me and asked what I was up to and I just wanted some more shots.

So I did and she met me at the bottom of the stairs, no doubt ready to follow after me, and she was giggling. I got an offer to volunteer at the place since they needed some youths. The woman running it is in her 90's and if they had more help, they could be open more often. I told them I'd give it some thought but I'm obviously delighted at the idea.

I figured since I had been there a while and saw so much, it was time to go. As I was leaving, the same man who I met on entering offered me a look at the train outside which was hosting an art class (he didn't know I was an artist) and showed me where to check it out. Maybe it was a sign from God, I don't know. I did tell him I was an artist after and he smiled.

When I first tried on one caboose, it wouldn't open. So he pointed from his truck to try the other side, so I did. It opened and I was met with elderly women and their canvases and paints, the class was five bucks but you had to supply ALL of your own materials...that means paint and canvas. They had some beautiful small murals  on the wall. Out of respect I didn't take photos. One was a man ina  carriage crossing the old bridge nearby here. Landscapes, etc. It was lovely.

On my way out, I shot a picture of the museum with the Gazebo, where some school children will be eating lunch at an upcoming Mayday event.

After that, I went thrift shopping, picked up free old gossip magazines for references/collage stuff, and then went to the dollar store and looked at getting hair dye...but changed my mind. I thought about going blonde but I realized I'd just wind up orange. I asked April if she wanted any but she only wanted blue. THANKFULLY, I found some hair chalk featured in grav3yard girl's video and eagerly bought it for her for ten bucks. 

I also bought skittles and some much needed towels at another dollar store. Then, I made the long arduous walk home. I changed as soon as I got in the door and rested a minute before surprising April with the hair chalk. She used it immediately and aside from the purple color, it actually worked! She had these bright highlights on her dark brown hair and it made me so happy...Rob even colored his beard. :D

I ate some pizza with them and watched a little Steven Universe before going to bed at close to 2 p.m. and then waking up to do this entry...which is lengthy now and will be lengthy when I add it to Seize. Oh, Jesus. So many photos...but it was so much fun! :D At least now I can breathe easier that it was written down. It is now 2:48 a.m. so this entry took an hour straight to put together. God bless, Jesus Died, Rose Saved. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus Name, Amen! God is able to do above all we ask or think.

Oh! And April sent me a link to this dude on a Christian dating website who she thinks I should give a look at. :)

3:07 a.m. Caught up on Tumblr.

5:57 a.m. I've been watching Preachers Daughters and had some snacks and skittles. My backpack was emptied of the magazines for later, as well as plastic bags. Not much else but the morning is very early....

Green and pink chalk made purple, lol.
6:38 a.m. I finished season two but already I can see season three, from the first couple minutes, is much more sexualized and discomforting. While it still deals a lot in Christianity, it's seems like it's trying to sell sex and drama on the side. Not fun, not cool. Shaking my head. -_-

7:45 a.m. I finished going through the magazines and I'm in more of a reading mood now. :D God is blessing me today. Feeling to achy to go for a walk but we'll see how things change.

7:53 a.m. Neopets dailies tackled...

10:34 a.m. So I took some time to read, then some Devotionals, then I hung out with April and Rob. Suddenly, I got the idea to try out her hair I did. Came out mild on me but I added some makeup and just had fun with it.

11:46 a.m. I took off the makeup and chilled out with April and Rob, then just April. I confessed to her that I have this bad habit lately of arguing with her in my head, about religion and my future parenting ideals. And though she didn't go into detail, she says she does the same with me and Rob. I guess it's some sort of demon going around. Needs to get out in the name of Jesus Christ.

ANYWAY~ I haven't seen my family in about a month now and I'm missing Mom. I'm longing to go do something, like take a shopping trip with her, and I want to arrange it and for us to actually 'go through with it' as so many plans I attempt with them fall God has His plans I'm sure. Still, if it's meant to be, we'll see.

Last time I tried to go shopping with her, for example, DJ's friend since childhood came home from Japan (he's in the army) two weeks earlier than expected so the trip was cancelled to go catch up with him. God has plans like that.

In two weeks my phone service runs out and then I will not having a working cell phone. Sorry loves, you'll just have to find another way to contact me. :) Likely Facebook but anyway...I feel like napping.

But first I need to confess that I've been on a bit of a snacking binge lately and finding it hard to control myself. The good news is I'm making a legitimate attempt to be active again, despite soreness, but God give me strength in Jesus Name, Amen!

By the way, sorry for the long post. It's mostly images making it so long I'm sure but still...I don't usually have so much going on in an entry. XD God is able to do above all we ask or think. I'm still thinking of doing that private, NON-online, prayer journal. I just gotta bring myself to do it I suppose. Usually when I say it, God willing, it eventually happens so I'm setting it out there. P.S. As for drawing, the day is still young.

6:46 p.m. I have woken up to find out that my step-sister Jackie, who was only in her early twenties, has died to suicide. I'm hit hard, I'm shaking. I'm feeling the loss and will be mourning. My condolences to Mike and Tiffany (her parents) Jack and Joan (her grandparents) and Devon her younger brother. I will be praying VERY VERY much and we have to leave it at that.

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