Sunday, March 8, 2015

So What Happened Yesterday Was...

7:32 a.m. We ALL stayed up until morning and I went to bed until 8 p.m. I got up and made bacon, kielbasa, and yellow rice, showered, and then hung out with April (snacking variously) again until THIS morning. Then I napped for about an hour and a half. I had leftovers and watched Good Mythical Morning with April.

I also learned it was Daylight Savings Time, which I'm not fond of. Clocks confuse me and so does how early, or late, the sun comes out.

When I was sleeping last night, I woke up with some extremely excessive salivation and heartburn, by the way. I have had a poor diet lately and hope to remedy that. I considered reading, unrelated, as another change but the internet got me distracted.

As for dreams, the one I had the other night, among many was where I was flying over and ocean and going under crashing waves and just being all-around happy. I had a boyfriend in one and later a baby. Sorry if I'm not going into too much detail. It's hard to say what happened.

9:36 p.m. So, I slept all day today. Pretty much. had a wide variety for dreams, from spending a day with grav3yard girl (and a kid, my grandpa, and some other relative) to making Queen Elizabeth I angry at me because I was from 'The New World.'

The grav3yard girl thing was just like any sleepover and we sort of discussed haunted things. It also wasn't at her house, but a friends. I also tricked myself into thinking it was real. -facepalm-

In another dream, something went on that had to do with the Tudors, and there was Jonathan Rhys Meyers in his Henry VIII regalia. After they got up and left, I found myself in a room in Elizabeth's time and I introduced myself as being from the New World.

She left and came back with two parchments and asked if I knew what they were. They were the first two newspapers ever printed in the new world. They discussed war and politics. She erupted in a fury over America and how they rebelled against the English and so on, and that's all I remember.

I had another dream where I saw Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles, very sleepily and 'done', slowly driving a car with fans in the back to a Comic Con. They were so slow that I came up in their window and asked for a selfie picture, which I took. They looked less than pleased.

Then I was about to leave when I was invited by the fans to hop in the back, an open back of the car, and so we did and we all took selfies together. We then went to this party with young men and women and there was a lot of flirtation going on around the room.

I took one girl aside and told her the true story of how once a guy asked me out and then when I said I didn't know him, he asked to be friends, and I still said I didn't know him. He politely backed down. The woman was shocked that I did that, like I should have given him a chance and some other guys chimed in.

We, the women, discussed how women are instinctive women are when it comes to men because it's practically built into us. The men found this ridiculous.

Anyway, I departed from them and went over to this exercise machine which was a challenge to see how far you could push forward a couple small pads against your knees. The woman before me did fantastic, I did less than perfect. Then the subject turned into an understanding conversation about how I don't always exercise and that was okay.

After waking, I was amazed to still see April awake and 'going to war with Venice' on her new computer game, a birthday gift from Rob, called Civilization. She has been up since around this time YESTERDAY to my knowledge. At least twenty four hours and only 'slightly' tired. Wow.4

The Walking Dead is also on tonight so I look forward to seeing that stream later. :)

EDIT: We hung out, she eventually went to bed at around 2 a.m. and I got to update Seize. Thank God! in Jesus Name, Amen! God is Able!

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