Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm Awake Late As Usual.

4:22 p.m. Donny knocked on the door at 9 a.m. asking for a coke. I actually went to bed around the time the sun came up so it was still a bit too early for me. I was laying there, hoping nobody would knock again. We all sleep during the day, mostly, and stay up until morning.

I did manage to sleep. We kinda, I don't want to say rebelled, but we stuck the air up and made it cold...which is something April fights to stop when she IS here...but she isn't. Her room just gets too cold, she said.

Before bed, I spent a long time looking over the events of this time last year, when I was just preparing myself to live with unemployment after walking out of McDonalds. What a time.

Four years earlier, I was visiting a newborn Malania in the hospital and wanting a Coldstones icecream. I also had a long fanfiction in there where I inserted myself...a daydream.

I had a lot of religious themed dreams, mostly towards the morning. The most recent one was a Church visit where I worshipped and they played soulful gospel music.

I'm gonna say something and don't call me crazy. When it comes to religious dreams, almost always it's only seconds, if not during, when satan comes along to ruin it.  I have more than one example today.

During the Church service, I was loving the music and I was pleading inside for them to sing with some soul, and MY GOD, THEY DID. The congregation was alive and enjoying themselves in worship and song.

But it got less 'gospel-y' as the songs progressed and at one point played a swingy Ray Charles tune...."You better leave my woman alone..." I was still smiling though. Later, the women, as if in a music video, became more scantily clad and I turned away..all before waking up.

In another dream, I was walking a neighborhood street and there were people around me dressed as if they were in the fifties. This one guy in a suit was following me with a smile and he had like five eyes in a row. I started to get away, and Pray in Jesus Name, when multiple others chased me down the street and came on to attack and it was holding them back. I asked Jesus to run with me. No, there wasn't some long haired dude in a robe running alongside me. I meant 'with me' as I prayed.

In another dream, there was a boy who was becoming increasingly troublesome. At one point, he sat on the couch and threatened to tell people he doesn't believe in God, which is sad coming from a kid, and tried to say I was believing a fairy tale...or something..I mostly drowned him out with a broken heart. I told him to believe what he wanted, it was his choice.

At one point, I think, he did something in this room full of people as an adult, enough for me to throw him out of the house, which I did. And nobody wanted to talk about what just happened with that religious awkwardness moments earlier.

In the church dream, before I went into the service, I was praying to Jesus. I talked about how I could not wrap my mind around how much pain He truly suffered for my sake, if I could even imagine it. Meanwhile, as I'm saying these words, a guy is talking over me and, forgive me if this sounds blasphemous, it's not intended, excitedly talking about decapitation. That quickly made me uncomfortable.

This african american woman spoke up for me, a really strong woman, and rebuked him. He, again forgive me, spoke as if they were both gory. She rebuked him again, and said it wasn't gore and I forget what else she said. But he stopped talking and she, who was me, walked off and went about greeting church members.

So you can see what I mean. Just when I get something good in a Jesus-God themed dream, the devil perverts it in any way he can.

Speaking of dreams, I kept wanting to say that days ago I had one where I had a baby and I was really happy. It's mostly a blur now but I had to get that out.

Oh, and April took the phone but I dare say it was a good thing, because it's clear I play on that thing too much and I kept wanting to grab it, when it was no longer there, to check updates.

5:32 p.m. Dawdling on the internet as usual...and I'm cold.

6:30 p.m. Watching The Ya-Ya Sisterhood movie again and NOT tired of it. XD The cat is in, I'm cold. And that is life...Jesus Saves!

6:59 p.m. So, referrenced as a fake site in Supernatural, is the same scary thing that happened with I had to shut down when my browser wasn't going away. Oi.

9:09 p.m. I'm calmer,, and sleepier. Time to step away from the computer.

12:18 a.m. End of updates. I laid down a bit, then hung out with Rob as he played video games and we shared a lot of stories from our school days and our history of video games. We also had spicy chicken sandwiches. That is the end of that. God Bless. Jesus Died, Rose, Saved. Lives and Loves! GOD IS ABLE to do above all we ask or think in Jesus Name, Amen. God is able.

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