Monday, February 16, 2015

A Summary of the Past Few Days.

12:22 p.m. So! the other day, Mom sent DJ and Grandpa to us in the afternoon. Then, DJ claimed we were not going shopping and that he was taking me to Mom's. There was a slight argument, then I called Mom and she postponed it for the next day.

So I went to her house and hung out...babysat the kids on a low Wifi connection...and then was woken at Noon the next day (after sleeping at midnight) to go to Malania's party at MOSI.

On the way there, Aaliyah got Harmony's shirt wet when I gave them some water, which didn't thrill Mom but we moved on. I had a lot of fun bonding with Lili until I learned we were supposed to be at the 'party' section for that time and I brought her back. Then I ate as they did activities. I took a LOT of photos that whole day and a little video.

Then I took her AND Harmony to go play, then Mom joined us, and we played some more. We did the hurricane and earthquake room and Aaliyah got a piggy bank to fill for Charity.

By then, we had been there like three-four hours...but there was even time to stop and watch some butterflies in a sanctuary made for them...before heading to go get Grandpa.

Mom learned that Sam's Club closed at six and there was no time to get to the house, then take me home, pick up April and Rob, then go all the way there in time. So we postponed another day again and she kindly bought me chicken to cook at home. :) I love Mommy.

So we wait again today.

Anyway, I was brought to Mom's and Grandpa took me home. I got here at 6 p.m. sharp and the rest is history. I spammed my Instagram full of queue now that I had internet again, Praise Jesus! I hung out with April and watched a TON of Youtube videos with her, and a LOT of grav3yard girl, and eventually Rob, until 6 a.m. in the morning.

There was ALSO a lot of talk about April getting a pixie cut, which should look adorable.

I woke up around 12 p.m. and realized I lost my mp3 player, so I had to hunt that down. I found it in my sewing footstool which was odd, but anyway.

I intend on seeing the latest episode of The Walking Dead I missed last night, no spoilers please~ P.S. I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day. :(

5:08 p.m. I just watched the episode and the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Shopping is cancelled, as it stands. DJ took the car and Mom can't get a hold of him. -_-

I don't like this. Not the car thing, just there never needed to be a big deal made over who is taking us to Sams Club but this was at the command of April's Mom that someone other than her take us.

Just with my family, trying to arrange something from 30-something miles away puts a burden on me. I HATE this.

I don't like having to bear the burden of having complaints made about my family when something goes wrong. If anything, it breaks my heart because I can acknowledge that they are there for me in more ways than I can count. I know my family.

We have been trying for three days now to go and it hasn't worked for one reason or another, and so the burden, and the dreading, of the moans and sighs is on me alone.

That's why. It all started with the paranoia from April's Mom that a nice act my Mom did, a Sams Club membership, was 'somehow' her way of pushing off her responsibility to help me, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

Stress further exacerbated when I try to convince April's parents to do it, and they refuse. So I have to go to my family, and insist...and remind...and plan...and deliver and bear the news when something goes wrong. I don't want to deal with it.

It was supposed to be a gift but paranoia and demands just burden me. I can't even deal right now and need to run away to my room. I'm dreading having to tell them we aren't going, crying. I'm done.

EDIT: I stayed in my room until past 7, then told them, and finally it was settled we do Publix and give up the whole thing. Then we hung out for the rest of the night.

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