Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lamilly Doll Review

Outfits are handmade. Will not come with your doll.

I was a very happy crowd-funder for the making of this doll, having heard about it's fundraising back in February on Tumblr. Fastfowarding to now, I just opened my doll. Let's begin:

Quality fabric
Quality SUPER pretty soft hair (more on that in the cons, though)
Bending feet
Bending knees (somewhat)
Nice 'average' shape
The weight feels quality
Seems expensively made.
Pamphlet had lovely stories
Fun to make clothes for, beautiful size!

Shorts don't stay velcroed when trying to sit and the legs are far apart when she does.
The legs do not completely bend for a perfect sitting position
Had a hard time getting it out of the cardboard box.
Wished the clothes were a better fit, they seem too baggy.
One of the feet fell off but easily re-attached.
I'm worried trying to remove the shoes could remove the feet.
Had a hard time getting it out of the beautiful packaging which I was careful with:

  • Hair needlessly held together by plastic and had to tediously get it out. I was worried about cutting the hair to do it.
  • Hard to cut the wiring holding her in the box
My biggest cons were with the package altogether instead of so much the doll itself. Overall, I look forward to using it to make clothes for. The clothes are great but I want to design my own...hence why I bought her even though I'm 26 years old. I'm still like a big kid.

Would I recommend her? Absolutely!! Just be careful when taking it out so as not to harm the doll because I don't know about anyone else.

You can purchase the first edition of the doll for 25 bucks plus shipping:

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