Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back to Writing and Editing Chapter Seventeen

11:54 am. Well, I did it. I brought my characters to a point where they have to figure out how to get beyond their obstacle....and so do I. No clue yet but it has to tie in with the story and make sense.
I've never seen Hissy kitty come on April's bed before.

If we are wrong about Brian, then we should be wrong about the Castle, too. It's probably still there, we just have to reach it.”
“ If that's true, How do we know if we'll even find this stuff?”
“We don't,” I said.
We reached the end of the forest and our faces dropped.
“You have got to be kidding me," Tourniquet said.
The entrance to the Castle Hill was blocked by a wall of overgrown vines and super sized thorns. We couldn't see anything beyond it.
“I don't suppose you brought an ax,” I said.
Tourniquet grabbed a stem, bigger than his head, and yanked on it with both hands. He grunted and sighed, then jerked away. “Now what?” Tourniquet sighed, kicking the dirt, “We'll never get in there.
There wasn't an end to the wall. It stretched across both ends of the path and entangled with every tree at the end of the forest.
“Well, we can't just stop now,” I said.
Tourniquet sat on the ground, folding his hands over his knees. He looked down.

I stroked the thorns. If we can't find something to cut it down, maybe we should think of a way to blow through it.

Anyway, I slept until 11 a.m. and dreamt, a lot, then got up and checked my social networks, Neopets dailies, had a couple hot pockets and Ginger Soda, at one point petting a cat, and now I'm here...

12:39 p.m. I got the idea. Adding the first half to the blog now and calling it a break. The story just got whole lot better, and extended, because this was a great way to highlight some side characters who were only in one scene before. It's hilarious!

1:27 p.m. I did some further editing on the chapter and promoted it. Donny came by and I didn't answer the first knock, but the second. Then I stuck the cat in Rob's room since he's basically stuck inside until his wounds heal. Donny wanted a coke so I gave him one and it's his birthday so Happy Birthday dude! Lots of November birthdays, including my own.

Rob was asleep and I was too busy to chat so he left.

I tried to be as quiet as possible about opening up Rob's door but I still scared him. Sorry. -__-

1:57 p.m. The cat broke loose earlier. Oh well. beginning my art request. If I get enough interest, I'm liking the idea of charging.

5:07 p.m. Finished the drawing and watching the second half of the video playback.

6:30 p.m. I had trouble getting the video saved after speeding it up., Ah Well. Had pasta and cheesecakes, with chocolate milk, and watching Supernatural.

EDIT: Stayed up all night on drawing and watching Supernatural.

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