Thursday, October 2, 2014

This is Just An Awesome DAY!!

Neopian Times CHAMPION!!!
Neopian Times CHAMPION!!!
As for the story, 'The Misunderstood MSP Poogle' I've decided to wait to share it until the entry is in the NT. Between the Self email and this, it's been a fabulous afternoon. Praising and Thanking God, Jesus, it's all because of Him after all. Love ya Lord!!

2:13 PM On another note, I've been dreaming of JRM and Mara a few times within the past couple weeks but stopped writing them down. Now I get it off my chest to mention it. There was this one dream, even, where he was giving her this adoring look but he was calling her by a different name.

6:00 PM I've been on the computer a lot today...although I did spend a couple hours with the kids, we had a great time. Harmony was a messy eater at lunch and messy to clean...and she played
with the dog. Aaliyah was...Aaliyah. And they played together well.

8:32 p.m. I spent some time online, fussed with the connection again, then played with Harmony a good LONG while..with plenty of kisses.

The best part was her dancing to Pharrel's 'Happy' which I enjoyed. I realize she likes a LOT of dancing.

Now, I'm watching Pawn Stars. Joe is making chicken, I think, I saw it thawing earlier...'s better than bologna and turkey that I had earlier. We don't have bread here, ha ha.

Dude, I was SO shocked to see Girl Meets World, which is basically the new 'Boy Meets World' with the original actors who played
 Cory and Topanga (my fave!) Disney channel was on a lot today.

I got over the silliness of the idea of 'Dog with a Blog.' That played a lot today. It's just that every time I look at it, somewhere inside I'm imagining the corporate execs pitching this idea like 'Yeah, he's a dog and he talks. Let's do it with a family vibe!' Blah Blah

Even deeper thinking of Kirk Cameron's idea, in his documentary on Netflix, of what it would be like pitching the story of Noah's Ark to network exec's and how they would sensationalize the story to suit modern entertainment.

More to come God Willing in Jesus Name...later home nuggets. God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves!

11:52 p.m. Joe made chicken and fettucini alfredo. It was so good I had seconds!!!

I've been reading other people's lives in blogs, and got through a Pawn Stars marathon before finally turning the tv off for a shower and a bottle of water.

Noteably, I finally drew something I've been meaning to depict for a very long time...something that has been in my head for months and months. God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves~ Good night! End of Updates!


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