Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Day Started Off Odd.

1:33 p.m. I dreamt that my sister Jen was stressing over not being able to find a babysitter for Harmony. At first, I told her I could only do it if someone has the gas money to take me home and back (this is actually a typical real life_ discussion but that went quickly unanswered as...obviously...there was none. She was still running through her options when I said, "Okay I'll stay for 7-10 days," and then the matter was settled.

The rest of the dream involved the kids but I don't remember how.

In another dream, I was on 'the Bachelor' with about two dozen other women. In one scene, the very pretty and wealthily dressed women are modeled through the foyer as he stands by smiling. What he doesn't realize is that these are the ones going home. The ones left are the 'normal' ones. The ones in thrift store clothes, on food stamps, welfare, and what have you.

When he came in the room, I thought he was going to be disappointed but he actually smiled and went with it. I, was among this group by the way. So the dream goes on with us women sitting around the table, having a regular chat, until he decides he wants to take a walk. So, me and several others follow behind and that's all I recall of that dream.

It's a nice day out. As tempting as it is to sleep until 4 p.m. for yet another day, I just can't. While April sleeps, I should probably get those pictures off the phone.

1:56 p.m. I got all the photos off the phone and new ones off of my computer. I feel when the time comes it'll be easier to just organize photos on my netbook than on her computer. Not now, but soon. Let's hope I don't let yet another wonderful day go by, eh?

2:01 p.m. These are yesterday's photos. The ones I couldn't post because they were stuck on the phone and any computer that would handle getting to them was occupied. :) But, since we all stayed up until morning...again...they are asleep. I would be too if not for some Will power.

2:25 p.m. Netflix stopped letting Dad log in at his house with our info. BUT he then, immediately afterwards, ordered his own sunscription so I guess he liked it that much. We were laughing because they had to keep turning off subtitles when I kept turning them on. But now he can have his own queue and profile, instead of mine.

I've been writing more plot to Chapter Seven.One of those days where you take out a scene that you loved so much but it didn't exactly work with the rest of the it's getting a big re-write, mostly 'setting wise.'

This book has come a long way from it's origins. It originally began with me trying to make a story centered around the character living out several dreams I had but that didn't end up fitting in once I took it seriously and needed to connect everything into the overall plot.

It turned into a lot of focus on 'world building' which is exactly what I'm trying to do. And if God Wills, I can get this published for one thing and get the okay, but not the contractual obligation to do a trilogy, or more if I can't get into another story. Then it becomes a series.

4:57 p.m. After some yogurt and cheese, I'm ready to catch a piece of the last hours of sunlight. :)

5:37 p.m. I've written an entire new scene and just altogether 'newness' for the story. It wasn't easy. I still have to go back and edit it. So no, Chapter Seven is not ready yet. There's a lot of dialogue sharing a lot of necessary ground to cover so I hope to work with that and not lose a reader's interest throughout 21 pages before it gets to the next chapter. In Blogger edit, I still have a habit of hitting Ctrl+S instead of update, ha ha, to save my work.

 6:02 p.m. I just got back from a relaxing walk at the park. At one point, I was on that spinny playground ride and laying down, watching the clouds. I know I'm too big for it but the thing was abandoned and nobody was around. I even spun on it a few times. XD I watched the cloud, mostly. And took a picture of it. Once again, laying down got an ant on me. Didn't get bit though. There were some cats there, too. They didn't follow me, if anything, they were afraid.  I think April is describing a dream in the other room where we were at Hogwarts....

 6:25 p.m. Oi. I went through and Instgrammed some for easy uploading, others absolutely have to keep their original format.

Anyway, I came home to greet the other two cats of the house, Carlos and Hissy. (Hissy hisses at us and runs we approach, even after knowing us for two months.) They're both inside right now. I brought water on the long trip there but I don't think I drank any, lol. Listened to music and relaxed mostly.

6:33 p.m. I've been adding and aligning pictures in the blog the way 
I want them. But I still have to add these to the physical journal. It's been a few days and I'll be alright, but that's not to say it won't also be a lot of work. But I say for certain, God Bless, another wonderful day has passed. P.S. The cats fought so they Hissy had to go outside while I distracted Carlos with a laser.

Also, some mysterious key combination deleted this entire entry for a half second but thank God in Christ Jesus, I hit Ctrl+Z and got it ALL back the way I had it. It's 6:36 p.m. folks and the sun is going down...

6:37 p.m. I still have pictures from yesterday to add, until's a picture of the single cloud I was watching in the sky earlier. :D God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves! Thanks, Praise, Glory, and GOD is ABLE!!  26 Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these? He who brings out their host by number, calling them all by name, by the greatness of his might, and because he is strong in power not one is missing. Isaiah 40:26

6:47 p.m. Surfed the web and now need to go rest, doing something not related to modern technology.

6:52 p.m. Changed my mind. I want ginger ale, popcorn and Netflix. I totally missed that we had ginger ale and thought someone bought a new one but nope. April is on Skype, Rob is daydreaming about a new computer and  THAT, my friends, is the update.

8:27 p.m. After playing with the cat for half an hour, I went to bed for from 7:30-7:50 p.m. and then April tlaking down the hall woke me up, Rick was here. We chatted and after some talking, we went up to McDonalds. They are doing re-hires,..face it, I need income. April agreed that for herself as well. But after we oredered, it rejected Rob's card, even though there was money on it. So we cancelled.

Then we went up to Dollar General for Coke but the card was rejected there and he paid in cash. For some reason, he was told the expiration date on the card was wrong which was unheard of. So now we're home and he's troubleshooting.

8:35 p.m. Surfed Instagram .You know, I rode in the back of a truck, alone, tonight and it was beautiful. Listened to music. I spent the time really trying to get into my character for a particular scene and had some new ideas. It almost makes me glad I didn't bring a jacket even though it was SO chilly!! P.S. I've been thinking of Helen Mirren's version of Elizabeth I lately. It is LOVELY!!

9:05 p.m. I used the Skype on April's phone to send me the photos I took today...without asking, though. On top of this, Skype deactivated my account for strange activity which explains why I had trouble logging in so I had to go change my password and then get the wouldn't send right away so it took more than one attempt but wow, seriously. 

9:08 p.m. Pictures like the one to the left here, which came out beautiful!! So happy about it! And yes, I just told April. She's cool with it. I know better.

10:01 p.m. I watched my Youtube subscriptions, then made a bologna and cheese sandwich with Doritos, mac, and melted string cheese,and watched Mysteries At the Museum. Took me three minutes to make..then April decided to make hamburgers but she didn't know I was already eating.

So I quietly ate and got cleaned up. Stuck my burger in the fridge, couldn't take one bite I was so full. She doesn't know but I didn't want to be rude by telling her I already ate. Besides, I can eat it later. God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves! Hallelujah! P.S. I should try to go to bed soon, huh? Night!

11:42 p.m. I'm gonna head to bed. I watched a few episodes of Mysteries at the Museum.

2:45 a.m. I just woke up from this strange dream. I just left a cemetary at night and took  a picture of a Celebrity as he picked up a smiling Justin Bieber. I got on my bike and while traveling down the road, there were large banners and flags being lined with it, noting the sudden deaths of a lot of famous people, and it just went on for that mile.

As I watched this, it got to the point where I wanted to cry and I wondered if it was a cruel hoax. I heard some voice-over say that this was the work of someone who individual bought up each and every space to write these things down the road, and there was a reason (though not a justifying one) and  don't recall what it was.

I stopped my bike as I reached a wooden bridge over the creek. I heard, over a radio as I did this, "This is Equire for those of you just waking up (at 5 p.m.) and I guess this magazine was trying to claim it was a victim of this scam and alert it's readers to the truth.

There were several magazines, including the cover of one, where the african model was nude but the magazine had be cut off at her shoulders, like with scissors. (Thank God! I don't need to see nudity in my dreams) Next to it was as open hardcover book, with about 2000 pages, featuring the headshot of an Afircan American model 'resembling' Naomi Campbell.

As I looked away, a part of the bridge snapped and tilted into the water. The weight of the book slid down and knocked me into the creek. I sank fast, expecting to hit some dirt bottom and yucky peat but instead, I sank past the 'warmer' layer of water and looked up as I kept sinking. I thought, "Well, this is it. I'm going to die (drown) in the depths of this creek." That's when I woke up, lying face up in bed.

April and Rob are sleep, surprisingly. I think. They are usually up anywhere between 4-6 a.m. Well, Rob usually goes to bed around this time. As for me, I want to do my neopets dailies in a few minutes before heading to bed.God Bless, Thanks, Praise Glory, Jesus Loves, Died, Risen, Saves! In Jesus Name, Amen! God is Able!

2:58 a.m. Here are the last of the pictures from the last blog entry, finally:

 3:03 a.m. I have Jonny's part in Suzie's Field's song, 'Open Mouth' stuck in my head. "We are Luther King..We are...Oh Oh"

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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