Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stayed Up Until Morning Again

7:37 a.m. Spent five hours on a new drawing, just like I thought about doing.

7:59 a.m. It was hard to get the pictures correctly uploaded, then arranged the way I wanted. After I finished drawing at seven, I had hot pockets and watched SPN and then took the cat out. THEN a little more SPN and I tried to write the entry but  Firefox froze and I had to get it back.

8:08 a.m. I left OkCupid open by accident. I appreciate the messages from guys but I don't want to talk much...and please no more men nearly twice my age. Someone's gotta be at my side who can go relate to the troubles of a person of my age WITH me, rather than way ahead of me. 

10:02 p.m. Talked to Mom about illness. She took it in a totally different way than I expected...that is, a good way. I admit, I was crying from the get-go even though she was calm and re-assuring. And it woke April up and when I handed the phone to her to explain things better to Mom, I was outright shaking. Then again it was also a cold morning so it was probably both nerves and temperature related.

We'll try. God willing. To get meds, therapy, apply for social security, get a lawyer, and get this benfit money to afford meds and therapy and the lawyer would be paid if I win. That's how it goes. My insurance suns up next month so we don't have much time. I have even less considering Mom is the only one willing to come out to where I am and she has to be out of state a lot now for weeks at a time to work.

Anyway, after things got calm, I enjoyed a morning bonfire and cocoa with Donny and Rob to beat the cold.I went to bed sometime after nine, and stayed asleep. Got up at 1 to eat pizza and slept until now. Finally awake and enjoying my leftover pasta. P.S. the sketchbook is dry. God Bless, Jesus Love, Lives, Saves! Halleuljah! God is Able!

10:52 p.m. I watched the show, brushed my hair and teeth, and then checked my social networks. Thus, here I am. Likely until morning..again. I am seeping into a 'sleep ALL day and stay up ALL night' funk but this too, shall pass. God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves! God is Able! Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. . . .Ephesians 1:3

1:21 a.m. It took an extraordinarily long time for each task, but I re-took photos for my giant sketchbook in order to have better image quality photos than Instagram..some were harder to take than others due to shadows getting in the way..poor lighting. Also, had to very slowly get them all resized, clean my computer out, and individually enhance each one for better viewing. All in all, Oi! BUT I'm also thinking of making a cover for my sketchbook. God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves, Homies, God is Able!! Hallelujah!

This is still one of the favorite drawings that I've done lately.
1:54 a.m. I just did my post for the Single Woman blog, check it out on the sidebar if you're interested. And I am a fan of this woman on here called Anna Nicholls, I think her name is, I don't want to post a link yet but she seems pretty awesome....especially her Youtube videos.

I keep wanting to decorate my sketchbook but..I also keep getting distracted. God Bless, Jesus Love, Live, Save as always. Later homies! Bye!

2:02 a.m. On second thought, I've changed my mind about the cover...should probably move to my room to write. Might be more comfy and it'll be easier to work while my computer charges. The plug is so far away in the living room that it frequently pops out of the laptop during use...oh dear..I feel another distraction coming on.

Popcorn, ginger ale, and Mysteries at the Museum.

2:17 a.m. I got distracted from my distraction and hung out with April and Rob. NOW I'm back!!

2:44 a.m. Have to come down from my frustration. Okay, so April says don't stick dry food on top of old went cat food and I had been 'meticulous' and I mean meticulous, about doing it. Then she finds out someone did it, ans when she asks me, I said no.

Then it's the ' well, nobody is saying who did it so one of you did.'

It really bothers me when I make the effort to do what I was supposed to do and then, even though I do, I am treated as if I still could be the one who did it or I'm a liar.

I tried no to stew, I couldn' goes down the line of thought: I've been meticulous>>>What am I getting in return if I'm accused of doing it anyway>>>I hate being accused of something I really, really, DID not do and I am going to make you understand that because it's insulting. and I then back around to the first statement. So it's a vicious cycle of thought.

I got to the point where I was going to Skype when Rob came and apologized and said he did it. So, as long as the mystery is solved, I can get over this now. We have a confession and since, God forbid, its needlessly stewing, I am trying to write and feel better.

I forgive in Jesus Name, Amen! We all seem to be past it anyway.

3:48 a.m.  So I watched more Netflix and then came around to playing my dailies on Neopets. :) All in all things went well. I know I didn't wake up TOO long ago but I'm also wondering if I should write or not...hmm...

4:16 a.m. I should have ended updates long ago. I updated my blog, the Illness Diaries..pretty much listing the same scenario with calling my Mom this morning. God Bless, Jesus Love, Live, Save! God is Able! 

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