Monday, October 6, 2014


3:11 a.m. Why should someone be so surprised, to the point of criticism, if after I first confessed (to put it out there so they WON'T be surprised) that I act a certain way, and then show I have a habit of doing it?

I refuse to accept any man's opinion that the way I am will only leave me alone in the end. In all honesty, loneliness beats enduring the worst of uncomfortable situations...enduring things that hurt my ears worse than nails on a chalkboard.

I have every reason to believe that God has a wonderful plan for my life, even if i don't carry it out altogether too perfectly. The best I got is to love all and forgive all...after all it's worked for me so far.

That doesn't mean I can't choose not to step away when my happiness is at stake, as I tend to do. I don't have time for unhappiness, being all too aware of my mortality as I am.

I think if God intended that I end up alone for my ways, it would happen. But if God has a match, a guy out there just suited to His will for my life, then perhaps I won't be. I'm hoping for the latter. :) He loves me, Sent Jesus to Die for me, that's how I know His love is always there...that He'll not forsake me because it was an Eternal Gift and Price. I can continue seeking the eternal. My life on earth is nothing close to what awaits in Heaven. And with God, I won't be alone.

God Bless, Home nuggets, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves Hallelujah!

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