Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Lot Of The Day Has Gone By

6:54 p.m. I stayed up until near sunrise again and slept until 4:47 p.m. after which I said hi to Rob, had macaroni and hot dogs as Rob had a hot pocket in his bedroom, and watched the Netflix documentary on Eminem.

I had this odd dream. In the beginning I was just hanging out with my family, sleeping next to a young DJ and a baby, sandwiched with them on the couch and I 'fluffed' the baby's tummy as she slept but I think DJ protested.

In another scene I told someone I applied for a job at a food place, for some reason being ashamed to say it was McDonalds (true in RL) and she said that it was really good, that they were good places, not knowing the restaurant I was talking about.

More of it was about my Mom. We were enjoying the redneck back yard antics of my Mom's neighbor and old family friend, Debra, where basically they were tearing up the grassy yard to complete dirt. I was commenting, fondly, about how great this was since it was just like back in the old days. I remember seeing a red fence with spaces in between the planks, separating my Mom's property and her a way that Debra had a lot less of her yard than usual.

At one point, my Mom tries to get on her motorcycle. I was unsure because the ground was unstable, but she tried anyway, but fell before even getting on it. She injured her ribs and we took her up to the back steps of the house.

I tried to dial 911 but she told me not to, as though she had a different number to call a specific doctor. So, in agony, she tries to dial it herself. First, she had to go through a series of voice and tone recognition commands on her phone to unlock it. then she called.

She told me, "Well. it looks like we're not going home tonight." Indicating she was going to the Hospital instead of leaving here like we planned, for home. She insisted a get a way home but I insisted that I go with her to the Hospital and that I didn't care about spending the night.

She was touched and then said she was sorry about something I can't remember. Whatever it was, I know it was completely random and had nothing to do with the current situation.

At the end of the dream, I'm strolling up to the night lit lawn of the hospital. wondering about what it's like to last all night at a Hospital by someone's be sitting in a waiting room and waiting on a verdict to find out if Mom was going to be okay.

I think I had this dream because I tend to miss her a lot, especially since the last few months. i get to see her a few days after every two or so week, and some of that time she's home. She's either going out or asleep from her long time away at work. Not a lot of bonding time.

I've been having the urge to make yet another blog and see if I stick with it. Just a space for random writing prompts and exercises not related to my book.

Incomplete stories, random scenes. Also another chance to make yet another banner. It's been stewing in my head. Happy Sabby! God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves Guys! Woot!!

7:15 p.m. I can't seem to find a widget to display links in the sidebar. I know I did for other blogs, ya know?

7:50 p.m. Figured out how to add tags! Yay!~ And got the newest prompt for my writing exercise blog. It was slowing at first because you're like "Okay, let it out but don't be vulgar. Don't let it happen. Think of God and Jesus and stuff and it quite works."

7:55 p.m. I may not have a notable audience, but I would definitely say I'm a blogger. I love making these things and for different purposes. You have one for Schizophrenia, one for writing prompts, one for my book, one for travel journals, this one for daily life, and others that are archives of my old blogs from other sites. Thanks, Praise, and Glory to God on the Highest forever and ever in Jesus Name, Amen! God is Able! For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7 

8:24 p.m. I updated The illness Diaries. Thinking I should at that to the physical journal as well. It's never easy writing that stuff, letting it out even publicly, because it goes down the deepest parts of my heart..even sometimes my greatest desires. When I say public, I don't mean I want family to see...I put some of them through enough with an illness they can't they 'mis' understand...leading to tragic repercussions on my part.

I was hoping to work on the banner for my new writing prompt blog but I got caught up in writing my feelings about my illness. I'm hoping somewhere inside that somehow, someone out there would understand by reading it and offer some advice.

9:00 p.m. So the banner is finished. Now what?

9:20 p.m. Surfing blogs with a cat who fell asleep in my lap...I'm feeling bloated today...

10:02 p.m. I imagine I spent longer than I should re-doing this blog, but I like it. Just hope the background isn't too confusing. I've also been putting my own blog out there. I secretly want an audience, since so many blogs say that's how to best promote as an author, but nada yet.

I can go with it either way. I've always been fond of journaling from childhood,..and now blogging for the modern age. I don't have one particular hobby, I talk a lot of editing stuff that nobody would be interested in, and I live a normal life out in the country. God intended it that way I guess. Not any blog that stands out from the rest, not that it needs to in order to be enjoyed. God is Able!

This song has been in my head the past few days: (the dude on my background sings a part at 1:03, the rest of the guys in the band are his brothers.) God bless the Irish, in Jesus Name, Amen!

11:09 p.m. Did a lot more blog browsing, surfed Youtube subscriptions, and had leftover macaroni with hot dogs from lunch. I'm also making rob some pizza. Yum!!!

11:37 p.m. I just finished making the pizza. And I added a new writing prompt to my other blog. I know it seems I'm holding a heavy interest in this site but I highly doubt it will last. It's how I am. When I get into something, I headdive into and immerse myself and then I find myself wanting to move onto other things within the next few weeks or months...I don't know. We'll see!

God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves!!! Hallelujah!

11:58 p.m. There are a few things I'd like to share. For instance, I must remind you I love Rhett and Link and these moments (God, just look at Rhett's face in the second one:)

"Mine looks just like the picture." [x]

Then in the last one he's so happy, you can hear it. As for the videos below, watch in order, even if I don't myself. :P

12:59 a.m. I suppose that's enough of the same thing I've been doing the past couple hours. Ready to kick back and watched Netflix documentaries..I think this one is about posters..and have some popcorn. As always and again, God Bless, Thanks, Glory, Praise, Jesus Loves, Lives Saves! god is Able! Hallelujah!

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