Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The To-Do List

6:25 p.m. I spent too long playing on Netflix. Although, I must say I'm very pleased that Chapter Two of the Dream Doctor was edited. :D And I outlined ideas for the next chapters up to chapter 11...since I'm expecting changes a long to the way, I don't want to chance too much at once.

The newest episode of SPN S10 is on tonight so YAY!!!

I found this story Mara Lane posted adorable on FB: 

It was amusing, actually. I'm still such a fan..of both of them.

I really wanted to write today...I really wanted to 'something' today or 'anything' today except web surfing.

I've renewed my free subscription to Self Magazine for another year, with the new address, so I'm all over thrilled about that. Meanwhile..I just had two slices of pizza and two reese's cups. But I have been drinking water and orange juice.

I've had the urge lately to go out to the thrift shop again. I hope to do that some time this week and get out, get a little fitness going for the first time all week. Perhaps draw again. I still have a 'to-do' list but I keep hearing from some places that life is so much bigger.

You to-do list shall never be completed, There will always seem to be something that has to be done. Enjoy life and try not to sweat the small stuff along the way. That being said, a to-do list:
a. Add to the new journal to date.
b. Create the JRM Dream Project, number two.
c. Edit the Dream Doctor.
d. Go thrift shopping.
e. Exercise.
f. Read a book, preferably that one I've been working on.
g. Spread the Gospel more often.
h. Organize computer photos. Move them to my netbook.
i. Set a date for my OWN doctor's appointment.
j. Update the address on my ID.
k. Finish going through my magazines for clippings. 
l. Draw something, anything. DRAW!!
m. Find a job for the New Year.
n. Finish sewing my dress.
o. Scan my travel journal.
p. Make a travel journal blog. :)
q. Illustrate for the Dream Doctor.

r. Draw another character from my skits.
s. Make a children's book, illustrate, and sell it.
t. Make a decoupage.
u. Donate and help the community.
v. Get my savings fund going again.
w. Make time for meditating to some music.

x. Devotionals.
y. Clean the house.
z. Don't forget to thank God for all these things and Praise His Holy Name. It's never finished.

All this being said, I really want a nap. -_-

8:06 p.m. Happy to announce that I FINALLY started my Travel Journal blog, a dream come true, and have already gotten it up to date with past drawings. EEKK!!! So happy! Scratch that off the list.

9:04 p.m. I finished my travel blog and updated it to date. Added graphics and altogether I'm praising God because these were two things to scratch off my a-z to-do list. :D Now if only I wanted to start adding entries to that next journal book again.

10:11 p.m. It's done! I added all entries from September 30th to date in a new COLOR journal. This is a change from them all being in black and white before. There are a couple questions. One: Can I afford the 60 something bucks it must cost to make it? Two: Will I be able to handle a blog ANd journal. God knows

10:14 p.m. that's right. It's up to date and I should also say that I am surprised so much of my list that I made has been getting done in the past few hours. I am pretty beat. God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves!!! This also means my big goal for today is done.

I was so busy playing on the internet today I was concerned i'd be putting it off.

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be putting this on color, my journal, for the first time. Second...if you count the one from years ago wich was brief and undated. I'm super excited and thrilled and need sleep!!!!! Wow. Thanks God and Glory, Thanks, Praise, and all things be to God on the Highest forever and ever in Jesus Name, Amen! God is Able! P.S. Can't wait to see the SPN premiere. Hope it's awesome.

10:49 p.m. I totally frsutrated myself over the new program, Blurb Bookwright. I can't import my book, and when I tried resizing my book, I lost my images and my text moved . Some columns wouldn't copy it all at once and I screamed inside.

However!!! I learned this new program lets me import my old books which makes me squeal. I'm wondering if I can upload this book to the site THEN upload and save in Bookwright. Let's find out..Oi. I feel better.

11:04 p.m. BookWright did not like my image and text sizes...too much work. Totally and completely not for me. -_- SPN TIME!!

12:28 a.m. How could I not write about it? the episode was fine. It didn't start with the hugest bang ever but it was not a bad episode either. Afterwards, I watched the CW special which was great, going back over the years of SPN made me smile. I've been watching the series too much.

12:32 a.m. I'm trying BookWright again...perhaps I should give it a chance...

I'm not asleep, been having bladder trouble and am still wild enough to consider scratching more items off of my list.

1:10 a.m. To my future self, I'm sorry if these first 16 pages didn't turn out the way you wanted them to be.

For future reference, in case you actually learn this book program, I'll have to remind you why that is:

1. The images were shrunken severely whereas they worked fine in the previous book.

2. You wanted this because in the other book program, the similar book may cost close to three times as much. (But that's not why the book looks weird)

3. The text came cut off so you shrank and moved it to fit, although int he future, you hope to use layouts tied only to this program, not Booksmarts. So I'm hoping for less complications in the future.

4. I'm learning, the most important reason. New controls in different places. At least I can finally see the book spread out. So yeah.

5. You wish to find the option to hide used photos. You're not used to the page layouts appearing in a sidebar when they used to be below you.

But I will say this, the more you are using it, at least for this first hour that you were determined to learn...after deleting and redownloading, the more you are really starting to like it.

God Bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves! P.S. I hope God lets me finally sell a book on Amazon! Huzzah!!!! More projects in the future, eh?

1:27 a.m. There WAS an option to redownload photos, Praise Jesus!!! I'm very happy about that..lemme tell ya.

I look forward to trying out the Dream Doctor in this book as well as the JRM project. -Squeal- I cannot even contain it.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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