Thursday, October 30, 2014

Plenty of Rest and a Full Afternoon. Praise Jesus!

1:01 p.m. I slept as much as as I possibly could, from after 4 p.m. to nearly 2 a.m. in the morning. I got up and meandered online until sunrise. I also edited Part Seize and made a photo collage of yesterday's silly 'fierceness' activities. God is Able!

Sausage McMuffin and VOSS Water.
After around 7 a.m. or so I left for McDonalds, hoping to have the first hot breakfast 'out' since I can remember. Biking was twice as hard as usual. I was in my 'last resort' jeans, the really small but small enough to JUST fit though uncomfortable, jeans.

While there, I waited and chatted with one woman who was telling me what a circus McDonalds has become since her day. There was a line and there was only one young woman prepping food.

Thought these are awesome x-mas gifts.

After getting my food and taking my seat, I was pleased to listen to CTN and instantly seeing that God had a message for me about giving...considering I also sent out some Prayers requests this morning. I think it was something about Joshua and Samuel..I need to get back in Church, I know.

I left and then headed to both Dollar General stores, again to meander, and nobody was hiring. ..without an online application. It seems like every time I went to McDonalds, thinking I could work there again, I see another employees going through my toughest challenges right in front of me..and I get discouraged. Dollar General is hiring..I think. She didn't say she wasn't and handed me a plastic bag, saying to apply at the website labeled on the bag.

I then went to one of my favorite little thrift shops, just to pass the time. I was waiting for my other thrift shop to open...with their half off sale being today, but it wouldn't open for close to another half hour. By now, it was around 9:30-40 ish a.m.  in the morning. I chatted lightly about Halloween plans but they said for Fort Meade, Halloween has come and gone.

I next took a light stroll to the ultra fancy, shiny, luxurious antique shop which was just opening up...the lights were still off when I got there and the owner was moving to switch them on. I took a selfie, go figure.

I could be seen browsing here every other week.
Then I finally went to my favorite thrift shop, seeking out a book by Charles Heston, the actor, that I had on my mind after deciding not to buy it on Tuesday. t's mostly like someone took his daily diaries and published them in one book but the entries are almost all looking like they are about a pragraph each.

Today it was half off! It wasn't in the usual book fact it was right on the counter, not yet put away in two days, along with other previously donated books.

A bigger blessing came along when I went back to the book part of the shop. The hardcovers are typically 50 cents, which is what this was, and on sale it was a quarter. Well, God did something cool for me. Right on top of a rack of paperbacks was a quarter, and I bought the book right away.

Oh, and I took my purse instead of my backpack today. It didn't handle great on the handlebars of my bike or my shoulders, but it handled nonetheless.

I got a Children's book I liked about a haunted house, written in the format of characters writing letters to each other. Another was an autobiography from Frank Sinatra's daughter. I also picked out a couple magazines.

Blueberry in my FAVORITE dum-dum pop flavor.
I was thinking about volunteering but kinda challenged myself, saying 'Maybe if they ask, we'll see," and actually thought they wouldn't. But, moments later, a blonde woman guiding another volunteer on sorting the books said I should ask to volunteer and she'll put me on the book section. Kid you not, I wind up there about every other week and scoured a LOT of them, like oh my God, a lot of books! :D

Inwardly  I still wasn't sure. This place was still fun but I don't know if I want it to be work. I also wondered if while sorting books, I'd do something like come across one I am really interested in and get set to buy it later, ha ha!!

Oh! And I got a hand mixer!! Two bucks, half off, and God did we need one. No more hand stirring my chocolate chip cookies. :)

I rode home as usual, and went straight to my room, where I changed into shorts, laid in bed, and did not want to move. Then, I got up and had a little Devotional, played Instagram, and re-organized my very messy bookshelf. I also tidied up a little more of my room.

After that, I had yogurt, watched a little of Mysteries at the Museum, saw a bit of the Earth via Satellite and here I am! I just spent the past 18 minutes writing this story about my long day...a day that's not even over yet. God Blessed, Bless Him, Jesus Love, Lives, Saves! Hallelujah! God is Able!!

P.S. Thinking of turning my single woman's blog into a book. I ever. Not one for sale to the public, obviously, just one copy of a self published version via the Blurb company.

1:31 p.m. That finishes the photos so far today. ^_^ I uploaded some older ones to Instragram but don't see the need to re-add them here. God Bless, as always, Jesus Love, Live, Save! P.S. God Bless Orange Juice! Yum!!!

1:45 p.m. I had a little Youtube and that's it! I need a nap. Dude, I'm tired. :P Bye home nuggets!

8:47 p.m. April made food....I was having a strange dream.Oh, and I slept all day. XD

9:00 p.m. I called Mom this afternoon. I can go over this weekend. :D

12:10 a.m.  So, I had three more hours of sleep and showered, thinking of making a cover for that single woman's book. Cover start. God Bless, Jesus Love, Live, Save! For once, it's a new day so I'll be starting a new entry.

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