Monday, September 29, 2014

Thrift Shopping, Good Food, and Whatnot.

Ylvis - Trucker's Hitch is stuck in my head.

Today, I followed a normal routine of playing on the computer as soon as I get up in the morning. I designed a banner for my Dream Doctor blog, checked out Neo and the social networks. I decided to go out and greet the day. I asked Rob for a dollar to take up thrift shopping (sounds small but a lot can be done with a dollar at these places) and he actually offered TEN! I was thrilled!!

Also, we'll be paying less of an  electric bill than originally thought so extra money was freed up. He offered to order my journal for me, which is not yet complete, but I asked him to kindly wait until then. Meanwhile, we can still get the cat to the vet, purified water (since we are still living with sulfur water), and pay off Rick (who helped us with the down payment on our place so we could move in ASAP) and that's all God's wonderful blessing.

So I went up there, trekking the couple miles it takes. I rested when I reached the bridge, as it is my usual stop point to stop and drink water. I took a video on Instagram of the flowing river below but I didn't send it. It later drained my phone battery. 

There's this one hill after the bridge that aches the upper knees to trek up and is terrifying to ride down, facing oncoming traffic, on a bike. At this point, I usually walk the bike up the hill and when I go down, I keep a hold on my brakes to keep the bike VERY slow. 

Anyway, the usual store is closed on Monday so I went to another and browsed for like a couple hours. I picked up a velvet body pillow case, for fabric. A cute little Belle figurine for my mantle, I'm like a big kid, I couldn't resist. A sport bra. Lord knows I need more clothes. A binder for my art references, since my paper folders keep falling apart. And a little book with daily life advice, one of several I think I have....and a fake little Louis Vuitton purse. (I like researching how to spot fakes but I bought it anyway.)

I looked at shoes for me, Harmony, and even April, but didn't find anything favorable. Harmony needs winter clothes, that includes shoes.

I tried on a cheap reniassance blue velvety costume dress but it was so tight that I was reminded of the 'Ever After' scene between Jacqueline and her Mother.
'Oh, well this one's too small.'
'Well, we'll just have to get you a tighter suit.'
'I cannot breathe as it is.'
'If one cannot breathe, one cannot eat.'

I also weighed myself but I wasn't anything surprising. 

I spent all of three bucks at checkout. :) The blonde lady who works there is so generous, she often gives things in the store for free to help the needy..even doing it for me once. She did it to the customer before me, even also cutting her deals on things she was paying for. This is one of those places where a lot of prices aren't even marked, so you have to ask how much things are, but I rarely hear about something costing more than a dollar when I ask.

When I left, I had an option of picking up food for Rob and I somewhere or rushing home to beat the rain. The clouds weren't looking very friendly. I decided to leave and check out whatever shops were left open. One was only open on weekends, Thursday through Sunday, I think. Another was a gift shop. While in there a woman was talking about how bad the rain was going to get so I lit on out of there.

I still questioned picking up fast food on the way but thought better of it and went home, in the sprinkling rain. I did stop at a convenience store on the way, picking up jalepeno cheetos, a three musketeers for April, and a  5 chew gum for Rob. Another three bucks.

I thought about taking refuge at April's Mom's house, where I expected April to be, but their car was gone in the driveway (they live about a mile from me so it was on the way.)

When I got back, Rob had been a little worried but I was okay. I put my stuff away, and checked out the Jonny CD Anne made for the group. :) I wanted Avicii's Hey Brother on it but some songs just didn't make the cut and had to be to borrowed down. I did thank her. :)

I had to charge the phone since it died, losing the video with it.

I ate jalepeno cheetos, watched SPN, and we arranged, even with April on the phone, to pick up 'Johns' for dinner later. I showered and changed my wet clothes. So that was that.

She later arrived and we went. I got chicken strips, cheese fries, and tater tots. They got theirs. Rob and I stood in the sprinkling rain about 15 minutes while April sat in the cab with Rick. We just chatted about various stuff. This was a drive up place where you order outside and they bring your food to the car.

 We checked our food, tipped fairly, and left for the dollar store to get shampoo, conditioner, and body wash...and we also decided to get hand soap and sanitizer. Rob went in while we stayed inside, April insisted on staying in the truck bed, thought it was sprinkling,  as that was where she was since we all didn't fit in the cab before, and he got it. It was quite a wait since apparently there was an item for a customer to get an item that had a coupon on it, one they hadn't brought to the register. So the clerk left the counter to grab it.

When that was done, we came home, ate. I eventually scooted off to bed for a few hours until I couldn't sleep anymore. The tingling bubbles I enjoyed of ginger ale was not enough to hold off my thirst, I craved water, and so I got it and wound up staying up.

God Bless Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves. It is the Midnight Hours.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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