A Daily Diary: Terrorist Nightmare


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Terrorist Nightmare

The artwork above is my own

I had this nightmare that I was in a foreign country and I was staying at this hotel. In the beginning, I reached this high wooden pier, at least a hundred feet high, with water below. I was told it was at least 500 feet deep which was to say if I fell, as I feared, I would die.

While there, I learned that the hotel had been taken over by soldiers from another country. They planned to fill the building with tear gas, unless we were out of the building by a certain time. I ran behind others, who scrambled to make it in time. I leapt entire flights of stairs while still holding the guard rail. Somehow, I found this amazing and...possible?

Just as we ran into the lobby, a few soldiers tried to stop them. A few made it past and exited, but others, including myself, couldn't. One held a gun to my chin, by the way. In this dream I am a different woman, looking to be of Persian or Egyptian descent? I told him, as he held the gun to me, that I would pray God would have mercy on him.

A few moments later, he lets go, but forces me to stay in the building with the rest.

I realized after waking that at the time, I took this dream to be real and that this is exactly how I would react to a terrorist in real life.  I would pray for my murderer with my dying breath.

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